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Module 8

Create A Proposal

In this Module, Students will…

  • Learn how to write a proposal that will generate buy-in for their idea.
  • The proposal they write in this module will be what they use to pitch their project idea to the panel of Lead4Change judges who determine which project ideas get funded.
  • Students can use the formula taught in this lesson to write proposals for other projects, jobs they’d like to secure, ideas they want investments for and more.


  1. Why A Proposal Is Critical To Getting Buy-in (30 Minutes)
    1. TEAM ACTIVITY: Proposal Ideas Worksheet (8.A.1)
  2. Create Your Proposal (45 Minutes)
    1. TEAM ACTIVITY: Create Your Proposal (8.B.1)


Lesson A
Why A Proposal Is Critical To Getting Buy-in

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Say: Delivering a great proposal is your secret weapon to securing funding for your project idea. Many people think their idea alone will be what secures an investment for their project, but a proposal is the best way to get the message about your project to the right people you need to influence. A formal proposal acts as a “pitch” document for your idea – it outlines the issue, describes your plan to address that issue, and outlines why your team is uniquely capable of getting it done. It also acts as an official ask to the panel of judges for a specific investment in your idea so that your impact can grow even more.
  • Without a proposal, your idea is just an idea to a panel of judges. A proposal helps you succinctly summarize what it is you want an investment for, and does so in a way that generates excitement and buy-in from the judges.
  • Instruct students to think about reasons why the judging panel should choose their project to invest in. Have a few students share why, then instruct them to complete the activity on 8.A.1 of the Student Workbook.

Team Activity: Proposal Ideas Worksheet (8.A.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Have students complete the worksheet on 8.A.1 in the Student Workbook. 
Proposal Ideas Worksheet


Lesson B
Create Your Proposal

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Lesson Instructions:

  • Say: Now it’s time to create the proposal you’ll submit with your Lead4Change Project. Think of this proposal as the final opportunity you have to secure additional funding for your project idea. We’ll walk through each section of the proposal, then you’ll create one on your own.

Team Activity: Create Your Proposal (8.B.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Have a student read the instructions for how to create section 1 of their proposal. Then, assign ~5 minutes per section for students to complete that section of the proposal. Do this for each section. 
  • Once students have written their proposals, have one or two of them read their proposals to the entire class. 
  • Help your team choose the strongest proposal, then revise it as a group until the student team feels confident in their final draft.
Create Your Proposal
8.B.1 - *Include with project submission

*View an example of a Project Proposal here.


Module Wrap Up

Say: Now that we’ve finalized our proposal, it’s time to submit our Lead4Change Project. Let’s gather all the materials we need to submit it, and make sure there aren’t any revisions we want to make to anything. Once we feel confident in all the required materials, we’ll submit the Project and hope that we get chosen for additional funds!