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Project Checklist

When you teach Lead4Change, you and your students can participate in the Lead4Change Project Contest. As you teach the lessons, students are creating, planning, and executing a project that addresses a school or community need and offers a solution to support that need.

As part of their project submission, students share their story of growth by pitching Lead4Change with a proposal to receive funding to continue their project and drive even more impact. Each required component and details of the Lead4Change Project is built into the lessons so there’s no reason not to submit! 

Completing the service project and the chance to win funding is the Lead4Change Project!

Here’s what you must do during your project in order to be eligible to receive funding:

  • Students work in teams of 3 or more and create a Team Name

  • Teams select a problem to solve in partnership with their school or a 501(c)3 (You will need the non-profit EIN number or the school TIN number before submission)

  • Execute a service project and document with photos and video

Teams create:

  • a Project “One-Pager” in the “Final Steps” Module that summarizes their project (see example) 

  • a Written Proposal creating a compelling case to receive specific funding (Module 8) (see example)

  • a Project video that tells the story of their project. Capture photos and video of classwork, the project, and interviews of the students. Video must be submitted via a Youtube link and not to exceed 5 minutes.

  • 3 Student Reflections of the project, the lessons, and their experience (Module 7)

  • an Advisor/Teacher Reflection reflecting on student leadership growth at conclusion of curriculum(Module 7)

Work Samples :

  • a Detailed Action Plan Worksheet to plan the steps, roles, and deadlines of the project (Module 5- workbook activity)

  • a Define Team Roles Worksheet, that clarifies the role of all team members (Module 5- workbook activity).

  • an Anticipating Hurdles Worksheet, where students imagine the barriers they will encounter (Module 5- workbook activity). 

  • a People Map, where the students identify all the necessary participants for project success (Module 5-workbook activity).

  • a Challenges and Highlights Worksheet, where the students reflect on the highs and lows of their project as a team (Module 6-workbook activity).

  • a Revisit Your Barriers Worksheet, where the students re-examine the barriers they anticipated (Module 7- workbook activity).

Read Official Project Rules for full qualification details.