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Module 7

Reflect On Your Project

In this Module, Students will…

  • Reflect on their project to measure their success and compare their project with their big goal, ambitions and what they set out to accomplish.
  • Write their reflections on the project – these reflections will be included in the Final Project Submission.
  • This is where you, the educator, should write your reflection as well!
  • After reflecting on your success, your students will celebrate and recognize their own work and the work of their teammates.


  1. Measure Success (45-60 Minutes)
    1. ACTIVITY: Measure Success (7.A.1)
    2. ACTIVITY: Revisit Your Barriers (7.A.2)
    3. ACTIVITY: Write Your Reflections (non workbook activity)
  2. Celebrate Your Hard Work and Recognize Your Teammates (45 Minutes)
    1. ACTIVITY: Celebrate


Lesson A
Measure Success

Estimated Time: 45-60 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Direct students to sit with their teams and have one or more students to read the directions on 7.A.1 of the Student Workbook. 
  • Engage students in a discussion of how they used their Action Plans. Were they static (completed as a lesson assignment and not used again) or dynamic (used as a tool to stay on task and make modifications or add and delete, as applicable)? 
  • Ask students if their project unfolded the way they thought it would? And if they achieved the success they anticipated?

Team & Individual Activity: Reflection (7.A.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Direct students to complete the Measure Success activity on 7.A.1 of the Student Workbook. 
  • Invite one or more students to share what they found when comparing their Action Plans to what actually occurred. 
  • Ask students why having a strong, dynamic Action Plan is important.


  • Say: It’s important to reflect on your success, but it’s also important to revisit the barriers you overcame. There’s so much to learn from overcoming obstacles and reflecting on them will help equip you to do the same in the future.
Reflect on Your Project


Activity: Revisit Your Barriers (7.A.2 in Student Workbook)

Activity Instructions: 

  • Have students complete the worksheet on 7.A.2 in the Student Workbook.
Revisit Your Barriers
7.A.2 - *Include with project submission


Individual Activity: Write Your Reflection

Activity Instructions

  • Student and Educator Reflections are required for your Lead4Change Project submission.
  • Take 10-15 minutes and reflect on your project.
  • Share how the project impacted you and what you learned. Be specific and concise.
  • Reflections must be submitted as a PDF and be less than 300 words.
  • Your reflections should be typed as a separate document.


Lesson B
Celebrate Your Hardwork and Recognize Your Teammates!

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Lesson Instructions:

  • Say: It is important to celebrate together by recognizing the special skills each of you brought to the team. No leader gets where they are on their own—there are always people who helped them along the way. Celebrating others is a great way to keep people motivated and invested in achieving your big goal. 
  • Take a moment and consider phrases that describe each stakeholders unique contributions. Use those phrases as you complete the activity. Write a thank you note to those who helped you along the way. Use a separate sheet of paper to create your thank you notes. If handwritten separately, take a picture and attach it to this lesson or place it in your digital team folder.

Activity: Celebrate!
Activity Instructions

  • Challenge students to find a way to best celebrate their teammates.
  • What can you do as a team to celebrate what you accomplished? One idea is to write a note of appreciation to each team member. Think about a time when you were recognized for leadership or service. How did it make you feel? Now think about giving someone else that same recognition. Look around at your fellow team members and consider what each brought to the success of your project.

Module Wrap Up

Repeat the key idea: It’s always important to mark moments of success as a team and look back on what you achieved together. By also reflecting on obstacles you overcome, you’ll develop a sense of perseverance that will aid you well into the future. Never miss an opportunity to recognize a team member for their outstanding work!