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Module 1

Learn to Develop Self-Awareness

In this Module, Students will…

  • Develop self-awareness by reflecting on their lives and determine important moments that have helped to shape who they are today
  • Identify characteristics or qualities about who they are today and define who they want to become in the future


  1. Understand the Story of Your Life (45 Minutes) 
    1. VIDEO: Be Your Best Self
    2. ACTIVITY: My Lifeline Exercise (1.A.1 in Student Workbook)
  2. Grow Yourself (30-45 Minutes)
    1. ACTIVITY: 3×5 Card Exercise (1.B.1 in Student Workbook)
    2. ACTIVITY: Three Big Questions (1.B.2 in Student Workbook)


  • Student Workbook – Module 1
  • Student Workbook 1.A.1 (one per student)
  • Student Workbook 1.B.1 or one index card per student
  • Student Workbook 1.B.2

Lesson A
Understand the Story of Your Life

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Play Video: “Be Your Best Self” (below)
  • Invite one student to read the introduction and directions in the Student Workbook (1.A.1)
  • As students examine David Novak’s Lifeline example, ask them to identify two items that stand out most to them. Then choose a few students to share their ideas.
Be Your Best Self

*Click here to open this video in another window.

Activity: My Lifeline Exercise (1.A.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Direct Students to create their own lifeline in their Student Workbook (1.A.1)
    1. Brainstorm a list of key life events
    2. Create a personal lifeline
    3. Respond in writing to the 2 follow up questions in the student workbook
  • Direct students to stand and share their Lifelines with a partner or partners.
My Lifeline Exercise

Lesson B
Grow Yourself

Estimated Time: 30-45 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Say: In the Lifeline Activity, you zoomed out and looked at your life history as a whole. Now, we will zoom in and look inside ourselves to define who we are today and how we can become better as we grow and change. When we begin this lesson, you will share and use your unique strengths, skills and interests as you begin to create your service project with your team.

Activity: The 3×5 Card Exercise (1.B.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Invite one student to read the introduction and directions
  • Direct students to look at the example provided
  • Ask students to keep this page or index card handy, as they will refer to it throughout the lesson
The 3x5 Card Exercise

Note: Due to the personal nature of this activity, you should consider whether or not to or direct students to share their information with others during this lesson. As students begin to form teams, there will be time for students to build trust and share this information.

Lesson Instructions Continued…

Activity: Three Big Questions (1.B.2 in the Student Workbook)

Activity Instructions

  • Direct students to Activity 1.B.2 in the Student Workbook to complete the reflection questions.
  • If there is time, invite several students to share one or more of their responses with the class.
    • Examples: Making better grades, getting a promotion at my job, become consistent with study habits, earn a starting position on the team, etc.
Three Big Questions

Module Wrap Up

Repeat the key idea: Remember, an important step in interacting with others is developing your own self-awareness. As you navigate through life and your career, you’ll work with many people with varying backgrounds. All of this will require interpersonal skills that grow from your own self-awareness. Looking back on your life experiences will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can get to know yourself and best contribute to a team.