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Module 6

Launch Your Project

In this Module, Students will…

  • Create a launch campaign and actually get to work on their service project. This will start the process of turning their big goal into a reality.
  • As students start their project, documenting their effort is key! In this Module, students will capture video and photos of their work that will go into their Project Video to be submitted with their Project upon completion.

*Note: The Project Video is one of 5 components that Lead4Change will review in the Lead4Change Project judging. You will create your 5 minute Project Video after Module 8. Be sure to prioritize documenting your project so you have the best chance of winning money for your school or nonprofit!


  1. Create Your Launch Campaign (60-90 Minutes)
    1. VIDEO: Market the Change
    2. TEAM ACTIVITY: Create an Ad for your Project (6.A.1)
    3. TEAM ACTIVITY: Create a Launch Campaign (6.A.2)
  2. Implement & Document Your Project (take pictures and capture video) (Time TBD-project specific)
    1. TEAM ACTIVITY: Project Implementation Worksheet (6.B.1)
    2. TEAM ACTIVITY: Document Your Project (6.B.2)


  • Student Workbook – Module 6
  • Student Workbook Activity 6.A.1
  • Student Workbook Activity 6.A.2
  • Student Workbook Activity 6.B.1
  • Student Workbook Activity 6.B.2

Lesson A
Create Your Launch Campaign

Estimated Time: 60-90 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Your student teams have selected and prepared to implement your service project and in this lesson, they will go public with it! First, you need to get the message about your project out to the public to generate support from your school and community. For some, it starts with a social media post or announcement about your project. You could also put up posters or signs in the school or community, or send out a mass email or text. 
  • Play Video: “Market The Change”
  • Invite one or more students to read the directions on 6.A.1 in the Student Workbook.  
  • Instruct students they will complete this activity in two parts. First, they will brainstorm and write their  headline or “hook.” Second, they will sketch out their full message.
Market The Change

*Click here to open this video in another window.

Team Activity: Create an Ad for Your Project (6.A.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Have students complete the worksheet on 6.A.1 in the Student Workbook. Be sure to offer guidance and feedback as they create their ad to ensure it’s an accurate representation of the project they plan to implement.
Create an Ad for Your Project


Team Activity: Create a Launch Campaign (6.A.2 in Student Workbook)

Activity Instructions: 

  • Direct students to complete the activity. 
  • Invite one or more students to share.
  • Now, you’ll direct students to create a list of ways to effectively reach their target audience. Have them identify different channels and/or media outlets they’ll use to get the message about their project to the public. Have your students brainstorm individually, then invite a few to share their ideas with the entire group. 
  • Make sure your students are aware of the available school resources they can tap into to launch their project (media resources, personnel, etc).
  • Now that your students have identified their launch channels, it’s time to get to work executing their project. The next activity will encourage them to attack their action plan with momentum and excitement. Here we go!
Create A Launch Campaign


Lesson B
Implement and Document Your Project

Estimated Time: TBD (project specific)

Lesson Instructions:

  • Say: “This is what you have been preparing to do- implementing your service project. You will want to utilize all of your research and activities completed to inform your project launch.  Consider time and resources. Do you have everything you need to move from process to action? Refer back to Module 4 where you described what success will look and feel like, your People Map and Detailed Action Plan in Module 5 and the materials created for the project launch. All these resources will help you put your plan into action.”

Team Activity: Implement Your Service Project (6.B.1 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Invite one or more students to read the directions on 6.B.1 in the Student Workbook. 
  • Respond to questions students may have.
  • Review timelines and establish expectations for the service project completion.
  • Schedule dates and times for follow up with student teams to monitor their implementation and provide guidance/support.
  • Facilitate, as applicable, access to school and community resources. 
  • Invite students to share their service project implementation highlights and challenges. 

*Remind students to document their project as they go so they’ll have enough assets to submit with their Lead4Change Project.

Implement Your Service Project


 Lesson Instructions Continued:

  • Ensure your students know how to properly document their project! If they are recording video on their phones or taking pictures on their phones, they should always be horizontal. When capturing video of someone talking, make sure they are somewhere that isn’t noisy or a place that has too many echos.
  • Say: As you implement your service project, it will be important to document your work through photos. Photos should capture the work of your project, such as teammates working onsite in your community or posters being displayed for an awareness campaign.  You’re working hard to make a positive impact! Make sure your photos are clear, respectful, and really share your story of service.  

Team Activity: Document Your Project (6.B.2 in Student Workbook)
Activity Instructions

  • Have students complete the worksheet on 6.B.2 of the Student Workbook.
Document Your Project
6.B.2 - *Include with project submission


Module Wrap Up

Repeat the key idea: Though it might feel overwhelming at first, launching your project is where the magic happens. Lean on your team members and remember that every person has a unique ability to contribute to the goal and make an impact. Refer to all the materials you’ve worked through so far to keep you and your team accountable to tasks and deadlines. Each of you has it in you to be a great leader who gets big things done! Know that I’m here to support you as you get to work on your project!