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Module 9

Finalize Your One-Pager and Your Project Video

In this Module, Students will…

  • Create their Project One-Pager that must be submitted with their final project
  • Finalize their Project Video that must be uploaded to Youtube and submitted with their final project

*Each Team should submit one Project One-Pager and one Project Video


  1. Create Your Project One Pager (45 Minutes)
    1. TEAM ACTIVITY: Create Your Project One-Pager (non workbook activity)
  2. Finalize Your Project Video (time varies)
    1. TEAM ACTIVITY: Create or Finalize your Project Video (non workbook activity)


  • A Computer
  • Photo(s) and video of your project

Lesson A
Create Your Project One Pager

Estimated Time: 45 Minutes

Lesson Instructions

  • Your project One-Pager must be a one page PDF summary of your project.
  • Clearly articulate the success of your project to your potential investors. Brevity and clarity are key.
  • Your One-Pager should include…
    • Introduction of your team (team name, number of members, school, club and grade level) 
    • Your Big Goal, why it matters and why you decided to pursue it
    • Overview of the plan to accomplish the big goal, highlight the measured outcomes of the project, and who was impacted by the work
    • The new goal clearly requests a specific dollar amount to continue the work that you started
    • Defines how the investment money will be used to continue to create impact

Type your Project One-Pager up and save it out as a PDF to upload during the submission process. Remember, it must be a PDF and it must be one page.

*View an example of a Project One Pager here.


Lesson B
Finalize Your Project Video

Estimated Time: 60 Minutes

Lesson Instructions:

  • Your Project Video is a media summary of your project and must include your proposal. It can include actual video footage, photos and/or interviews. Get creative with it! It should tell the story of your project, what you accomplished and the steps you took to complete it.
  • Your Project Video must be no longer than 5 minutes. Try to include only the most important details!
  • Your Project Video must be uploaded to Youtube. Make sure the permissions are set as such that Lead4Change will be able to view your video.
  • Your Project Video should include…
    • The story of your project from start to finish
    • Your Big Goal clearly communicated (include SMART components)
    • Representation of everyone on the team 
    • Mixed media – photos and videos of events that happened throughout the project 
    • Your proposal, which is your opportunity to convince your Lead4Change “investors” to financially support your project. This can be done on camera or by a voiceover.
    • To stand out:
      • Add graphics and names in the lower third
      • Include music 
      • Transitions between segments
      • Audio is clear
      • Brief student testimonies are encouraged 

Create your Project Video and upload it to Youtube. Check your permissions on the Youtube video to ensure that it can be viewed with a private link that you share with us or a public link. Remember, your video must be less than 5 minutes!


Module Wrap Up

You are ready to submit your project! Go back to your Lead4Change Dashboard to begin the submission process. Visit the next module for some helpful Assessment Tools that will show you what we expect out of great projects and also, tools to help you as an educator grade your students and their project.