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Submit your Lead4Change Project!

Congratulations on working through the Lead4Change curriculum.

To submit your Project, follow the steps below. We’re excited to see how your student team is making an impact in your community!

Before submitting your project, be sure to have the following items prepared:

  • Team Name
  • Project One Pager (PDF Only)
  • Project Video (uploaded to Youtube)
  • Written Proposal (PDF Only)
  • 3 Student Reflections (one PDF)
  • Educator Reflection (PDF Only)
  • Name of the School or Non-Profit that would receive the grant if selected and their TIN or EIN Number
  • Pictures and screenshots of project launch materials
  • Photos of your Service Project Highlights (10 photo maximum)
Print Checklist

Gather the following work samples from the Lead4Change lessons

  • Detailed Action Plan 5.A.1
  • Define Team Roles Worksheet 5.A.2
  • Anticipating Hurdles Worksheet 5.B.1 (select one team member’s to submit)
  • People Map 5.C.1
  • Challenges and Highlights Worksheet 6.B.1
  • Revisit Your Barriers Worksheet 7.A.2 (select one team member’s to submit)
Print Checklist

Get ready to submit your project!

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials, click here to submit.

Submit your project